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Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

I'm Darren Byrd and I'm seeking re-election as the Republican candidate for Brown County Council, district 2. I am father of 4; one step-daughter (29), one daughter (27), and two sons (20 and 19). I am a 1987 graduate of Lincoln High School in Cambridge City, Indiana and veteran of 6 years of U.S. Naval service during war time and have several years of experience in each of residential construction, manufacturing, mechanical drafting and engineering, as well as a couple of years of pizza delivery while in school. I'm a pro-life Christian conservative and was involved in Boy Scouts with my sons for several years. I'm also an NRA member. I finally made my permanent home in Brown County in 2001.

I am currently an elected Brown County Council member and am frustrated by the lack of actual decision making ability that we are permitted to exercise at the local level. We are very heavily regulated by State an Federal mandates that force us to try to manage our local counties and towns as though we are all a homogeneous body of the same needs, spread out over a large and varying geographical area. Limited state oversight is necessary, but over-regulation is not. The Federal government has very little to be concerned with in our daily lives and intervention should only happen when constitutional matters get over stepped.

As a heavily regulated nation, the individual is at an increasingly great disadvantage to realize the American dream. The typical government solution to this has increasingly become a government sponsored program that will "help" the individual, as long as we are willing to jump through the multitude of flaming hoops. The capital to fund these programs that are supposed to spur economic growth must first be taxed out of the economy, thus reducing economic strength. A better solution is an easing of over-regulation by higher government authorities, resulting in a broadening of the local economy. A truly strong local economy is the greatest benefit to all of us, even the state.

The same principle applies to our local educational system. My thought is that it should be more about an actual education, and less about "the system."

I won't make political promises because such promises have proven themselves, throughout our time, to be worth far less than the commodity price of the recycled value of the paper on which they are printed; what I will do is tell you that I will fight for the individual's right to discover and realize their own best outcome. I believe that the higher levels of government should stop trying to manage us as a political trophy and return a significant portion of the control back to the local level, where WE as individuals and local communities are more qualified to determine our own best destiny. We should not be subject to the definition of our success as determined by those we elect to serve us; but instead by ourselves and be guarded from external influence and destruction by those elected officials who are elected to do so. That is my position and that is how I will serve.

Very Sincerely,
Darren Byrd,
Republican candidate for YOUR Brown County Council.

By the way... if you've come here with some reluctance, because you don't want to be hit up for constant donations; relax, breathe easy, and just read. You will only find information on this website. The purpose of this site is to let you know who I am, NOT to beg for money.

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Darren Byrd
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