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Darren Byrd
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The subject of veteran's affairs is very important to me, but kind of tough for me to verbalize; not because I don't feel strongly about it, but because being a veteran, I don't ever want to sound like I'm advocating for myself. In my 6 years of duty, even though I was in a war zone and a couple of other hostile areas, I didn't suffer a loss of life, loss of limb, or any other major traumatic event or after effects. I have everything I need; however, thousands of those living now are living with conditions that are a result of their service. THEY are owed something. We need to ensure that our Veterans are receiving all of the proper, effective, and timely services that they need and that they are not punished or labeled for seeking it.

Since WWII, our armed services have not been allowed to fight a war to win it, with the exception of Desert Storm. We were given a mission and the means and support to see it through. Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, our service personnel have been handicapped with the most ridiculous Rules of Engagement that I could possibly imagine: now it's even worse. They have been sent into war zones and hostile areas with orders to not fight a war and in some instances to not fight back at all. They are well-trained, patriotic military personnel who have basically been assigned to police duties in a foreign hostile land with orders to "play nice" or pay the price. In other instances, they have been deployed as security details and posted to watch duties without ammunition! What are we doing to our troops?! AND WHY??!

Because of the absurdity that has been heaped on their shoulders, some return dead, maimed, injured, psychologically scarred, and/or otherwise detached. THEN our past government policies, which are responsible for their maladies in the first place, labels them as "hostile", "unstable", and/or too mentally deficient to engage in those activities that every American is entitled to. This includes the ability to exercise their second amendment RIGHT to defend themselves and feel secure in their own person. Don't label them, HELP THEM! Again, what the hell are we doing to our troops?! We fight to win and get out or we don't go in the first place.

Military Readiness

I joined Reagan's Navy, continued service through H.W. Bush's Navy, and I decided not to stay in Clinton's Navy. I saw where things were going that early. We were being turned into a social experiment. Actually, I'm sure we were being punished since B.J. Clinton did publicly proclaim his loathing for the military.

"We" (collectively) have a military that has been weakened by the permissive attitude that allows a social group to turn it into a platform for their cause.

Our military is supposed to be the most capable and ready fighting force in the world; instead, we're now "doing good" for the world. We don't have the money or resources to be doing that good for a world that won't do for themselves or are ungrateful and hate us anyway. Our version of "good" isn't always the same as the rest of the world. Our forces NEED to be focused, once again, on the defense of our country and our way of life. The military has one primary purpose and I might add the sole purpose of killing those who have expressed their desire and/or acted upon their intent to cause us harm. They are there to kill people and break their things, when necessary. It's not always necessary and not always the best outcome, but sometimes it unfortunately has to happen. When those who wish us harm know it will happen, it most likely won't have to happen. We will avert conflict when potential enemies KNOW that we are ready, willing, and able to kick their ass if they mess with our security and freedom; otherwise, we're a weak target.

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