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Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

"General Welfare": You can not take that statement, out of context, and make it a declaratory stand alone statement as a right to government subsidies. The Federal Government is to promote an atmosphere of general (overall, non-specific) welfare (the state of doing well with respect to happiness, well-being, or prosperity,) in providing for our national defense. They are not to provide for our every need or want. At the time of this statement, "general welfare" was simply that; an overall non-specific condition of well being, as one is then able to provide for themselves.

How much talent do we have going to waste in Brown County? How much talent do we have going to waste across Indiana and the entire United States? We have stifled personal growth and entrepreneurship for the purposes of "fighting poverty." What has been the outcome of these destructive programs? WE do NOT have to achieve anymore; the Government will be there for us. They will take money from those 'evil rich' (who actually do share their fortunes with us, in the form of employment and a paycheck) and make sure that we get everything thing we want, as a bureaucrat decides what we "need."

I'm sick of the Government creating horrible laws and regulations, then telling us that we need to support them in creating new laws and regulations to "fix" the problems caused by the laws and regulations that they created in the first place.

Article 1-sect 8, which is very small and succinct, clearly defines the limited duties and responsibilities of the Federal Government, while the Bill of Rights clearly emphasizes the much-less-limited rights of the individual. The 10th amendment makes certain that ANYTHING not expressly assigned to the Fed, was absolutely left to the States and the (individual) people.

We can not enjoy our rights without recognizing our responsibilities.

Many people have this sense that the U.S. Constitution is an impervious and impenetrable force that will stand on its own and defend our rights and our way of life. The Constitution is a piece of parchment, on which is written a binding agreement that joins us together in a common union, yet recognizes us as individuals, local communities, and States. Many of us seem to falsely believe that that's all we need and have become complacent in our regard for it and its utmost importance. The Constitution does not protect us, at all, as long as we let down our defenses and take it for granted; WE are the force that MUST protect the union created by the Constitution. The Constitution is a document that was created divinely through very astute and thoughtful minds; likewise, it can be destroyed by equally astute, manipulative, and malevolent people, if we decide it's not that important to take an active role in protecting it. The Constitution can be brought down by as little as 6 people; 5 Justices, and a "Constitutional Scholar", influenced by foreign interests and a disdain for our guaranteed freedoms, who has studied the Constitution, not studying its strengths, but searching for its weaknesses.

Property Rights:
If my neighbor is compelled to treat his/her property, by my wishes, in such a way as to deprive them of their comfort and freedom, then my wants are infringing on their rights to their pursuit of happiness. And vise-versa.

I also have the responsibility to treat my property in such a way as to not harm my neighbor's property. And vise-versa.

Freedom and Consequence for Actions is the Best Option

I contend that there will not be an instance where a 'collective' will ever be as motivated or tenacious enough to preserve what is in everybody's interest as an individual will be. Even in the most virtuous and altruistic of groups and collectives, the underlying motives will be perverted by a malicious element; such is human nature.

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