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Peaceful Morning


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Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

I do not apologize to Islam or the rest of the world for The United States of America's existence.

The United States of America is a free nation of free people, founded on Christian values (whether the previous Presidential administration wanted to acknowledge it, or not.) We, as individuals, are free to choose our own path; we have also decided that choices have consequences, whether good or bad. We recognize a freedom of speech, a freedom of choice, and a right to defend ourselves from those who wish to deprive us of our freedoms.

This appears to be counter to those Islamists who wish to convert or enslave us at the point of a sword. They are invading our countries as they will and do behead us for disagreeing with their viewpoint. At the same time, there are those around the world and even in this country who refer to we Americans as colonialists and invaders.

We would simply like to enjoy time with our families and the fruits of our labors, shared with friends and family, under the umbrella of our chosen faith and the national defense protections guaranteed to us by the Constitution. For this, we are beheaded and mowed down to the screams of "Allahu Akbar!"

I apologize for NOTHING!

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