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Darren Byrd
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Local Government vs Large Expansive Government

Each state, district, county, and town has some very specialized needs that vary widely among all of the others, but we are limited in how we meet those needs, because of punitive restrictions and mandates. Specifically, in Brown County, we need road funding; that is one of our least allowable and most deprived funds. The result is that our growth potential, as determined by those of us who live here, is incredibly limited. We really don't need the State to tell us how much road funding we can have as much as we need the ability to decide how much we can allocate to road funding and our other specialized needs.

We do NOT have local control of our schools; the State and the Fed have taken that control from us and dictate our every move. We do NOT have control over our own waterways (or even the mud puddles in our own back yard;) the E.P.A. has previously seized control from us by declaring that every river, stream, creek, and drainage ditch is a Waterway of the U.S. Most of us have probably read the signs along SR 37 into and out of Bloomington during the road construction.


That's a drainage ditch! ...with NO water!!

We do NOT have control of our own local funds; they are first diverted to the State and to the Fed and then "given" back to us on the basis that we properly perform their circus monkey dance! We can try to do everything we want at the local or individual level as much as we want to try, but we are still forced by higher government levels into mandates that were never intended to exist.

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