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Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

We have some great teachers; all we need to do is let them teach! Over-funding does not create a better educational system. A great education requires accurate facts, history, and logic. A good education is created with good teachers, good written materials, and active parents in a strong family. At one time, we delivered an outstanding education in a one-room schoolhouse, because the focus was on learning. Why is that so difficult to replicate with the increased resources we have today? Because today's Educational System is less about the Education and more about the System. If we weren't forced to fund the System, we could easily fund education and the programs that we cherish. We would also see less of a desire for vouchers.
(This is the same paragraph answer that I previously gave for an LWV survey.)

The I-Step test, and standardized testing in general, needs to just go away; we need to let our teachers teach and stop teaching to a useless standardized test that consumes several weeks of otherwise productive educational time. I believe that we, as parents and teachers have more sense about what our children need to learn than the mandate of preparing the student body to perform on a test that really teaches nothing more than how to prepare for a standardized test. We need to be "allowed" to teach our children actual skills that they can deploy in their lives and into their future. We know what our kids need, more than a distantly appointed board of theoretical educational application. Again, some oversight and basic standards are necessary, but I believe we've far surpassed that point.

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