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Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

Taxing and regulating a profitable business into bankruptcy has never led to an increase in economic activity.

The regulatory burden, both State and Federal, placed upon the smallest start-up entrepreneur is so cumbersome that a significant sum of capital must first be expended in order to file and meet the requirements to even begin the process of legal compliance to establish a starting point. Once a starting point has been established, the real headaches begin. These regulatory road blocks may be an inconvenience to an established business or corporation trying to expand; but to the individual, trying to start a family business, it is a very real discouragement.

Public Funds for Private Enterprise.

Private local businesses should be free to expand and grow in a free market environment; however...
NEVER... is when public (tax payer) money should be used to fund private initiatives, studies, endeavors, or bailouts. I have not, do not, and will not ever support tax-payer funds being used for ANY private enterprise; if a commercial project can not be profitable as a stand-alone entity, without a government first confiscating money from it's citizens and handing it over to said project, then that project should not exist as it is.

Local Economies and Their Disappearance

It pains me greatly when I drive through small towns and see the abandoned buildings that once housed our local commerce. The government, in their "great" wisdom, has found it necessary to punitively tax our local business owners and then use some of that money as tax breaks, tax incentives, and bailouts for the larger corporations that they tell us we "need." They have literally taken money from the locals and given it to the large corps who are actively closing down the local competition with government-subsidized bottom lines. They're able to do this through lower prices afforded to them by the tax incentives that are not offered equally to the locals. We are told that this is all for our own good, because it creates jobs. It doesn't create jobs, it simply shifts the local community from a locally owned employer to a corporate entity that holds the local community hostage for more tax incentives when they threaten to move. Look at the Dow since the beginning of the 20th century...


It looks like the economy has really boomed in the past few decades; but has it? Let's flip it upside-down and look at it again with a different view. The government has taken money from locals and given it to the corps... the locals must then compete with more local tax abatements... local stores close down... we lose the tax base from the local shops and manufacturers... we don't recoup anything from the corps since they're existing in there location for little or no tax cost. This is how we're killing local economies. Look at the Dow again, representing what corporate excess has done to the local economies...


We lived locally in the area where the Dow was devoid. We are now almost non-existent. It's all about the corporate "job creators." I'd rather be my own job creator, but it's getting more and more impossible for us to lobby for ourselves and enjoy our entrepreneurial spirit. Actually, we shouldn't have to lobby for ourselves in a corporate favored environment, because the corporations shouldn't be receiving any more government favor than the unincorporated do. Since that's not a role of the government, none of us (corporate or not) should be receiving ANY special government perks. There are some necessary government services and when some are absolved of their portion of the cost, the rest of us must pick up the extra cost.

I'm not anti-corporation, but I DO absolutely believe that we all should be treated equally, whether we're incorporated or not.

Master Planning

Planning is very important for those who live in, near, or on the edges of an incorporated town or city. The problem with broad sweeping planning is that it imposes the plans of a few upon the lives of many. A Master Plan that encompasses too vast of a region is forced homogenization. This treats everybody as the same. While on the surface, this equality of treatment may seem to be the most fair and just, it is the utmost of dehumanization as it ignores the individual and their true contribution.

When everybody is in total agreement, the Plan is a true utopia; but as we all know, everybody is not and will not be in total agreement. What a master plan disregards is the will of the minority. This is exactly what our founders wanted to avoid. A pure Democracy is the will of the majority trumping the very lives of the minority; thus we have a regional Representative Republic, where the most relevant governance is to come from the most local community. In incorporated towns and cities, that locality is that organized community. In unincorporated areas of the counties, this is from the Family and voluntary neighborly relationships.

Master Planning is the effort of avoiding chaos and clutter. This may be the best option for some people and communities; however, the lack of planning rarely leads to pure disorder. Even from chaos, an order of some kind rises. Throughout our history, some of the greatest innovations and products have come from individual entrepreneurs, outside of a master plan of any political body. Apple Inc was born in a garage, by young men who would never have been able to achieve their greatest potential if they had to first meet some regulatory compliance to begin. The founder of Home Depot has stated that there is no way he could have started that company in today's regulatory environment.

Why would we try to force everybody to conform to a particular mold, especially when our greatness as a union of states has come from the special differences of individual exploration?

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