Peaceful Morning
Peaceful Morning


More in-depth details on subjects and where I stand on...

The 2nd Amendment

Local Governance

Economic Development and Reduced Regulations

Veterans Affairs

Bring Our Schools Back to Local Control
Special Classes of People
Personal Freedom
Border Security and Immigration
No Apologies for The United States'
Email Contact

Darren Byrd
for Brown County Council District 2

I am willing to meet with anybody or group in Brown County or answer any email questions that you may have. My email address is "".

I look forward to meeting with you and I hope to be able to continue serving you as your Brown County Councilman.

Darren Byrd


This is the place on a typical campaign site where you might expect to find the "Donate Now" button.

You won't find one here.

You, the families and individuals of this county, need your money more than I do. This is a campaign in an accessible and relatively small geographic area, I can take care of that part. Keep your money so you can take care of your families.


Look at the button... it's blank and doesn't go anywhere.

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